Choosing the right HIPPO for your cistern


If you have a 13 or standard 9 litre cistern then a HIPPO 9 (the original HIPPO) is the simplest and most effective way to cut your water usage in your toilet cistern.

Hippo 9


HIPPO 7 will save you up to 2 litres per flush and works well in slim-line 9 litre and smaller cisterns to 6 litres reducing your water bills and carbon footprint.

Hippo 9
If you are uncertain, flush your cistern and count the seconds it takes to empty. The number of seconds is a rough guide to the cistern size.

If you are still uncertain pop off the lid and try a HIPPO in it.

Which Cistern Which Hippo

Your PDF selection guide here.

HIPPO 7 on test

Hippo 7 rig tested and compared to Hippo 9 in this report.

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