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The new Hippo 7 shown with the original 'Hippo 9'

Hippo News

Hippo News

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Oxfam Water Week – 11th to 17th June 2012 link

World Water Week – 26th to 31st August 2012 link

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Hippo Case Study - Haven Holidays

Written by Daniel Coward, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Bourne Leisure Ltd.

As the largest leisure and tourism holiday provider in the UK, we recognise the importance of our environmental responsibilities, using ‘only those resources appropriate to the task’; has become a company mantra and our organisational mission statement is centred on triple bottom line economic principles of people, planet and profit, a sustainable business who strives for sustainable growth. We constantly strive to improve the holiday experience in all ways possible while simultaneously managing our resource usage in ways that means the environmental impact of holidaying with Haven is minimised. So our guests need not worry about the impacts of their well earned leisure time and can relax in some of the UK’s most prime coastal destinations with peace of mind. Our environmental programme is wide ranging and in order to achieve long term reduction targets and guide the business into times of relative resource scarcity we created a road map of how to drive the business forward in a sustainable manner. During the early parts of this process we quickly identified the lowest hanging fruit, those projects that didn’t cost the earth to set up and provided superb paybacks. One of the retrofit products which worked very well and showed superb return on investment was ’Hippo the Water Saver’, we ordered 5,000 of these and introduced them into all of the older style toilet cisterns across the estate (ignoring post 2001 duel flush models). These toilets accounted for roughly 30% of water consumed per holiday home. We effectively reduced the water used per flush from 7.5 litres to 6 litres, achieving a reduction of 20% implemented easily and effectively in a way that didn’t compromise the effectiveness of the flush and unless you look into the cistern you would never know it’s there. We feel it is very important to tackle toilet water consumption as its such an easy win, provides great return on investment and you are saving valuable drinking water.”


From the BBC

Hosepipe ban to be imposed in drought-hit parts of UK – link

Water bills in England and Wales to rise 5.7% in April (31st Jan 2012) – link

Drought fears for Britain prompt water summit (16th Feb 2012) – link

Major water saving for school

Abbeymead Primary School
Gloucestershire's Abbeymead Primary School saves thousands of litres of water per month with Hippo 7s.

Read their evaluation and conclusions here.

Hippo 7 – a new Hippo in the Pod

Penny Crawford

Penny Crawford
Business Development Manager

All good things come to those who wait and I feel as though I’ve been waiting for the arrival of the new HIPPO the Water Saver for an age. It’s actually been no more than 2 months, but when passions run high time goes slow – or so it seems.

HIPPO 7 is the new cistern displacement devise that companies and individuals in the market of water saving have been waiting for. Designed with the same trusted, much loved and respected money saving and carbon footprint reduction features as HIPPO 9, HIPPO 7 fits perfectly in both slim-line 9 litre and 7.5 litre toilet cisterns – saving up to 2 litres of water with each flush.

Hippo The Water Saver has a long history with water companies, councils, the NHS, MoD, prisons, the commercial sector and home owners and has, to date, sold more than 11 million globally. That’s the equivalent of enough water to fill 30 olympic sized swimming pools daily!

With a strong brand image and pedigree, HIPPO continues to be the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to saving water in toilet cisterns. HIPPO 7 will continue this trend and allow further expansion of the brand and enable each and everyone of us to contribute to the reduction in water usage globally.

HIPPO the Water Saver would like to thank all that have supported our message of reducing the amount of wasted water in our homes, offices and public buildings around the world.

Which is the right HIPPO for my cistern

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