Hippo FAQs

What is a Hippo?
A Hippo is simply a Polyethylene unit that opens to look like a box, which sits neatly in the cistern of your toilet and saves you water and money every time you flush the toilet. It will also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

What is a Hippo made from?
A Hippo is made from durable heavy gauge polyethylene and printed using human grade food dyes, meaning they are safe to touch and produce no harmful dust particles during transportation, installation or daily use.

How long will the Hippo last?
The Hippo is designed to support water saving for as long as you want to save water, save money and help reduce your carbon footprint.

How much water will it save?
The Hippo will save between 1 and 3 litres of water every time you flush your toilet. Hippo 9 saves up to 3 litres and Hippo 7 up to 2 litres. In the work place each employee uses the toilet around 3 times per day or 6,000 times per year.

How much CO2 could a Hippo save?
The carbon footprint of unheated water is relatively small, around 0.003 kg per litre. However over time and multiplied by millions of households, the savings can be quite significant. There are estimated to be in excess of 45 million toilets in the UK, using 2 billion litres of water every day and only around a tenth of these are water-efficient models using 6 litres of water or less. The average toilet uses around 9 litres of water per flush and 1.64 kg CO2 would be saved per year by fitting a Hippo the Water Saver. Collectively in the UK this could save around 600 million litres if water a day and over 65 million kg (or 65,000 tonnes) of CO2 each year (source - green thing wiki).

Will it fit into my toilet cistern?
Hippo 9 is designed to save up to 3 litres in a 9 or 13 litres cistern and Hippo 7 will save up to 2 litres in smaller cisterns down to 6 litres. All you need to do is select the right Hippo for your cistern to start saving water. If you have a dual flush toilet we advise that you do not reduce the flush using any type of water saving device.

Do I need a plumber to fit my Hippo?
No – the Hippo is designed to be simple to install. On the reverse of each Hippo is a guide to installation. We have people as young as primary school children installing them up to working with Help the Aged.

Were can I buy a Hippo?
You can buy them online by going to the “Buy Hippo” at the top of the page or by calling 01531 637 916 and talking to Penny or one of the Hippo team.

What happens if I move house or decide to take the Hippo out?
You simply remove the toilet cistern lid and remove the Hippo. You can then install it in another cistern or leave it for the new owners as a moving in present to help them save water.

How many have been sold?
Since 1997 we have sold over 11 million hippos and everyday the number increases not only here in the UK but overseas as well. This means they are saving the equivalent water needed to fill over 29 Olympic sized swimming pools each day.

How long will it take for the Hippo to pay for itself?
Whether Hippos are purchased for the home or the workplace they save water and money from the first flush and pay for themselves after 8-12 weeks. Hippos installed in the average metered home will save approximately £25 on your bills per year and in the workplace it will equate to an average of £3 per employee – that’s a £3000 saving if you have 1000 employees.

Can I sell Hippos?
The simple answer is yes. Hippo the Water Saver is actively looking to work with individuals and companies that have a genuine interest in environmental issues and in particular water saving both here in the UK and overseas.

Is it made in the UK?
The inventor is an Englishman and it’s manufactured in the UK. Hippo the Water Saver is proud of its English roots.

Will the water inside a Hippo go stale with time?
The Hippo is designed so that the water will never go stale. A small hole is put in the Hippo so that every time the toilet is flushed a small amount of water comes out of the Hippo and is replaced by fresh water as the cistern re fills each time.

Celeb Hippos
Hippos can be found in all the best places including Buckingham Palace, The White House and the Houses of Parliament.

Is Hippo patented?
HIPPO has registered patents and trade marks in UK, EU, South Africa and Australia. (Australia pat. pending.)

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